The organisation of the Prime Minister’s Office
The key responsibilities of the Prime Minister’s Office are to update, counsel and assist the Prime Minister on all international and domestic issues and on questions concerning portfolio tasks, cf. also under the Prime Minister’s Office responsibilities.

The organisation of the Prime Minister’s Office is structured to carry out these different tasks, cf. the organisation chart.

Prime Minister’s Office consists of 7 areas. The Prime Minister’s Office also includes the High Commissioner of the Faeroe Islands and the High Commissioner of Greenland.

The Prime Minister’s secretariat is responsible for the daily servicing of the Prime Minister, including contact with the press.

The Political Secretariat has a special focus on the government's priority projects and policy development and is working to strengthen the strategic direction of the government and increase internal coordination between ministers and special advisers.

The Foreign Policy Division is responsible for the international area, i.e. issues relating to foreign affairs and international economic issues, including the EU, Nordic cooperation and issues relating to security and defence.

The Domestic Policy Division is responsible for domestic policy and economic issues. This division also coordinates material for cabinet meetings, the legislative programme and the Government’s Coordination Committee, cases for the Council of State and the portfolio tasks concerning the North Atlantic area, i.e. Greenland and the Faroe Islands, and the press. Responsibilities relating to the North Atlantic area are dealt with by the North Atlantic Secretariat, which is an integral part of the Domestic Division. The development of and follow-up work on high-priority government initiatives are handled on a continuous basis.

The Law Division is responsible for constitutional law, government formation, various matters concerning ministers, portfolio allocations, matters concerning the right of access to documents and legislation for which the Prime Minister’s Office is responsible. The Law Division also assists the other divisions with legal advice.

The Administrative Division is responsible for all administrative matters of the Prime Minister’s Office. This includes personnel, budget, accounts, IT, records, internal service Marienborg, and the canteen. A number of duties are also performed in relation to the Royal Family (concerning budgeting, civil list annuity, VAT refunds, etc.), matters pertaining to orders and decorations (recommendation for decorations), etc.

The Central Communications Division is responsible for coordinating communication regarding the Government's political development and work. Operation of

Finally the High Commissioner of the Faeroe Islands and the High Commissioner of Greenland fall under the organisation of the Prime Minister’s Office. The High Commissioners are the Danish Government’s representatives in the Faeroe Islands and in Greenland and are responsible for liaising between the Home Rule authorities and the Danish authorities.

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